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Building a High-Performance Contact Center

This week I am going to focus on building a high-performance contact center.

The contact center is the heart of your organization and is THE key driver of your customer experience. In order to deliver high quality and consistent service you need a high-performing center.

  1. It all starts with your #talent! I know you are probably thinking ok #JMP we all know this! Yes, I am sure you do BUT we can get so hung up on numbers, technology and other stuff that we forget the most important item in our center is OUR #people ! It starts with hiring and the skills you need to support your customer experience journey. Once you have your talent onboarded you need to ensure that you have a coaching mindset at the very heart of your center. Without talent there is no center and all the technology in the world is never going to replace the human touch!

  2. Provide the RIGHT tools! That doesn't mean give them a tool box that is overflowing with stuff. You need to ensure that your teams have the right tools so they can deliver a fast and efficient service. How many times have we been placed on hold or heard that line "sorry my system is running slow today!" To WOW your customers, you need to evaluate the tools your teams have and are they ALL necessary to deliver your #CustomerExperience?

  3. Metrics - We are drowning in data in our centers! Its key for any high-performing center to have the right metrics that are measuring the right stuff. Journey mapping is key to ensure that you are monitoring and measuring the parts of your experience that are adding the most value to your customers! Having this defined will provide visibility into the center's success and also the areas that need improvement. Voice of the customer measurements are key #NPS #CSAT #FCR etc. will provide that "Outside looking-in" view of the center, also these metrics are key for internal stakeholders in demonstrating the value of your center across the wider organization.

  4. Best Place to Work - Yes I am back to our #Talent! Voice of the Agent programs are key to measuring #AgentSat #EmployeeEngagement. All of these directly impact your center. A positive working environment that promotes a healthy work-life balance, recognition, and growth opportunities can boost your teams morale, engagement AND deliver best-in-class #customerexperience!

  5. Develop and promote from within! Have you noticed there is a theme here around your #talent! High performing centers have a clear career path that motivates their teams and keeps their agents engaged longer. A transparent #competencyframework from the Agent to the VP of Customer Experience provides team members with a clear road map for how they can progress if they want too! Leadership developments programs that are integrated in to your competency framework will help team members to acquire the skills needed to move to the next level.

Summing up - Building a high-performance center hinge on your #Talent and hiring and developing the right people with the right mindset, providing them with the right tools and defining and measuring the right performance metrics, fostering a positive work environment that provides clear development opportunities. By taking these steps, organizations can create a contact center team that delivers superior #customerExperience and plays an integral role in the overall success of your organization!

Want to know more? Please reach out to me today! #JMPBlog

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