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My Story! 

Hello, I'm Jason Mercer-Pottinger (JMP), I'm an internationally recognized customer contact center expert.  Specializing in Healthcare and direct to patient services. 

I have a careerlong success leading customer experience and contact center operations within Fortune 500 healthcare enterprises.

My career  includes championing major change initiatives, scaling operations, and utilizing new tools and standards to enhance processes. Notably, I have also played a key role in commercializing telehealth and other leading-edge support solutions to add value to both customers and patients. 

I'm also a blogger, podcaster, and frequent conference speaker as well as panel participant at events globally. I have a refreshing no-nonsense approach to customer experience which has enabled me to evolve as an important influencer in the contact center and CX industry. 

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Industry Champion 2023

🙌 This prestigious award recognizes my outstanding achievements, excellence, and innovation in the contact center industry. I couldn't be more grateful to have my  hard work and dedication acknowledged on a global scale. 🌍👏

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